4 Best Web Hosting Alternatives To GoDaddy

When it comes to the range of web services offered, there are few companies that can match GoDaddy. This company has everything from Shared Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting, Managed Hosting, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting IP, Domain Registration Services, Domain Auction Services, and several cloud-based services. […]

NameCheap Hosting Coupon

Are you new to the whole hosting idea? If you are, you should know that there are different types of hosting out there and it helps to distinguish each one prior to signup. Here’s a brief guide on each of them: Shared Hosting Pretty straightforward hosting, you get a fixed/unlimited amount of space and it’s […]

NameCheap Domain Coupon

A good domain name is essential if you are a business that wants to establish its own website. Domain names, first and foremost, establish your identity on the web. If your company name is BrickandMortar Supply, more often than not, interested parties will search for brickandmortarsupply.com. Assuming you’ve bought that domain, there are still tons […]

Media Temple Coupon

Web hosts offer a lot of add-ons should you choose to sign up with them. Some of these are simply eye candy but some can be worth a lot in the long run. If you are picking out a web host and are torn by the free stuff they offer, maybe the brief guide that […]

HostGator Web Hosting Coupon

When looking for a web host what factors do you usually consider? Is it the presence of a control panel? Lowest price? A ton of freebies? These things can indeed help sway our decision but it is ultimately the service itself that we should consider. First and foremost, the hosting provider you choose should have […]

BlueHost Web Hosting Coupon

Finding decent web hosting these days is a cinch. Lots of people are now running web hosting businesses even if they don’t have their own hardware. What’s unique these days is finding an exceptional web host. Exceptional web hosts don’t just stop at making sure all their clients services are running well. An exceptional web […]

3 Best BlueHost Alternatives

BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosting companies out there. In the highly competitive web hosting field, BlueHost has been holding its own with the best of them for many years. At the moment it is hard to find a web owner who is not at least aware of the BlueHost brand. The […]

5 Web Hosting Alternatives To HostGator

With the surge in popularity of the internet and personal websites, almost everybody wants to have a web presence of his own.  Numerous individuals have set up their own blogs and websites for purely personal purposes.  But the exponential increase in websites and requirement for web presence has hit the world of business hardest.  While […]

How To Choose A Reliable Web Host

Businesses these days almost always have a website. Why? First of all, nothing convinces people that you’re an authentic business more than a professional looking website. These days, visibility on the web counts a lot more because people are keen on doing preliminary research. Secondly, you get to reach out to your customers and retain […]

Detailed Review: SuperGreenHosting Web Hosting

With the growing concern over the environment’s welfare, it’s not surprising to see companies going green and making it a point they play a role in saving Mother Earth. This is exactly what SuperGreenHosting is all about. This company offers web hosting services with an emphasis in using environment-friendly technologies. Though I’m not too sure […]