Detailed Review: SuperGreenHosting Web Hosting

With the growing concern over the environment’s welfare, it’s not surprising to see companies going green and making it a point they play a role in saving Mother Earth. This is exactly what SuperGreenHosting is all about. This company offers web hosting services with an emphasis in using environment-friendly technologies. Though I’m not too sure when the company started, it was only in Octover 2011 that is begun to make a big name within the industry.

As of now, JustHost owns SuperGreenHosting, while Justhost is owned by Endurance International Group – a large organization that operates globally specializing in Internet services. This means that SuperGreenHosting has powerful companies backing it up and further develop its self to be a future leading brand in web hosting.

Green Hosting

As its name implies, the company capitalizes on using eco-friendly means to deliver their services. They use energy efficient servers that ensure they only use the least amount of energy possible in running their hardware. In addition to this, SuperGreenHosting is part of the carbon neutral project, which is a global environmental movement aiming to decrease carbon foot print.

The main goal of SuperGreenHosting is to “to provide the greenest service available” in the market of web hosting. Though it’s not known to many, a web hosting company has a large energy consumption spent not just in running their hardware, but also on cooling them. However, SuperGreenHosting produces 20% less carbon dioxide compared to other companies. Furthermore, the company is actively involved in tree planting projects to neutralize the negative effects of carbon dioxide.

So if you want to play a role in saving Mother Earth, then you need to know that you’re doing your role as you choose SuperGreenHosting.

Consistent uptime

The official website of SuperGreenHosting doesn’t specifically tell you their uptime percentage, other than describing it as “outstanding”. However, you need to know that the hosting ability of SuperGreenHosting is greatly dependent upon its parent company, JustHost. Even if you look into JustHost, there’s no mention of specific uptime as well. Nevertheless, you can still count on the consistent availability of your website. You can sleep soundly, knowing that your website is always up and running.

Cost-effective web hosting

For as low as 2.95 pound or just less than 5 US dollars, you can now use their services. You can have unlimited websites even if you only have one account with them. Thus, you can be sure that the money you pay is fully maximized with every cent you spend.


Especially for first time customers, it might be overwhelming to start working with a web host. With all the technicalities and complicated procedures, a customer might feel inadequate. Thankfully, SuperGreenHosting is very easy to use.

In fact, it was built with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind. They offer a one-click installation of website application. Their control panel also use drag-and-drop feature for website builders.

No-obligation script library

Scripts are important for you to design your website and SuperGreenHosting will offer these scripts free of charge. Thus, you can easily customize your website even if you have little or no coding skill and knowledge.

Unlimited domain

With just one account, you can create unlimited websites. You don’t even have to worry on how you can manage all of them as you can easily customize these websites through your cPanel account.

Customer support

If you have any problem with your account, you can easily reach their customer support via chat, phone call or email. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Domain name

You can have and choose your own domain name as well as part of your hosting plan. They will also automatically renew your domain so that you can be sure that you only have that domain name.

Free Domain Migration

In case you’re already affiliated with one web hosting company, SuperGreenHosting will help you transfer your files and data from your previous host to them.


SuperGreenHosting has been a recipient of different awards as well. These include the following:

  • FindMyHost,com’s Editor’s Choice Web Host
  •’s Best Green Host
  •’s Best Green Host
  • Smart hosting Choices’ Best Customer Service Award


  • Eco-friendly web hosting
  • Backed by stable and big company
  • Cost-effective and affordable web hosting


  • Strongly dependent on its parent company


On the surface, SuperGreenHosting is just like any other web hosting company. They offer relatively standard shared hosting services. However, whether you’re a beginner or an expert already, you can use SuperGreenHosting because of the ease in utilizing their features.

Above all, SuperGreenHosting is a green company. It’s something all of us desperately need; to play a role in decreasing the impact of humanity to the environment. So if you want to participate in green movement, then SuperGreenHosting is the best choice.

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