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Rated 10/10. Review written by Julie Tucker from

My current web host is MomWebs. I found them through an affiliate link in a Facebook group I was using for my direct sales business. I had only used free web hosts before and I really was not happy with the way they worked, so I wanted to try something different.

I checked out MomWebs and thought they were reasonably priced. They have..

  • A quick start plan that was $127 which includes a one year domain registration, 3 months of hosting, theme choice from a list at Studio Press, custom header design and free blogging courses.
  • Several hosting plans that range from $5 to $135 per month depending on your needs.

Current Plan

Currently, I just need the $5 monthly plan and I have been with MomWebs since March of 2014. My traffic for this month is about 600 users with almost 3000 page views and growing every month.

Previous Hosts

I’ve had 2 previous web hosts which were both free hosting sites. First I tried Vista Print which I was very unhappy with because anytime I changed something within a post the link would break and I would have to go back to any ads I had placed and add the link over again. That did not last too long. Then I tried Weebly, which I actually liked and it seemed to work well with what I was doing. All I had on the Weebly site were ads and photos from my direct sales business and it didn’t seem to give me the room to do anything except just that.

I wanted to branch out and try different things, so I decided to invest some money to move my business forward. There really is no comparison to what a free site offers and what a paid host and a WordPress theme can do for you.


Features of the $5 per month mini plan are one domain, 20 GB bandwidth, 1500 MB disk space and a Cpanel which currently is all I need. You can easily move up to more domains, bandwidth and disk space for $10 or $20 per month. I really think these are very reasonable price points and for me it’s a great value.


Uptime has never been a problem and I have always been able to get into my site. The only issue I’ve had with my site is when I installed Backup Buddy for my site. I had so many backups that I ran out of room and I wasn’t able to add anything to my site. Again, Scott went into to see why my site wasn’t working and he told me to put my backups on a remote site or just delete some of the old ones, so all the space was not being taken up. Really this is not a hosting issue, but Scott did solve the problem.


Support for MomWebs is 24/7. In the beginning I did have a few issues, which looking back may have had more to do with me being a beginner than the web hosting. One thing that happened was on my comment form there was a place where people could register on my site and I could get a little information from them and then add them on an email list. Well, this function would somehow add them as a user in my dashboard and I thought people were getting into my dashboard. The first time this happened was in the middle of the night and I sent out a tech issue form/email.

Scott “the tech guy” contacted me, by email, in the middle of the night which I wasn’t really expecting. I contacted MomWebs several times about this issue and they assured me that no one was getting into my site and they were keeping a eye on it. But, they couldn’t tell me how the people were being added to my user list. I figured that out completely by accident when I was filling out my own form with fake information and the information was showing up as a user in my dashboard. Well, I just disabled the registration on the comment form and all was solved. Even though no one was able to get into my dashboard it was strange to me.

Anyway, all that said, Scott at MomsWebs always contacted me within an hour or two and he would go in to check and see if the site was secure. We also were able to setup Wordfence on my site and I felt more in control of what was going on in my dashboard.


MomWebs also has many extras through their partner SoloSmarts. They have coaching, either one on one or group coaching. Kelly McCausey, the owner of MomWebs, has a group coaching forum you can join and have discussions about anything you may need help with. It’s called SoloMasterMinds and Kelly is active in the forums herself and has several other professional members there to help you out. They also have many downloadable courses for you on several subjects. Kelly recommended a great person for me to hookup with and get my blog off the ground. Samantha Angel of Advancing Steps has been very helpful to me with getting started and has a reasonable price as well.

Overall Experience: 10/10

Overall my experience with MomWebs is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

MomWebs Web Hosting Review reviewed by on July 27, 2014 rated 5.0 on 5.0


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    Hi Julie! I’ve been using Mom Webs for 8 years now and love them. Scott has been amazing at taking care of my support tickets in a very timely manner (I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait more than a couple hours for a response, if even that). Most of the time my technical issues have been because of something I broke! Thank gosh for Scott coming to my rescue :-)

    Excellent post and I loved reading about another Mom Webs customer’s experience! Thanks for sharing.

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