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Are you new to the whole hosting idea? If you are, you should know that there are different types of hosting out there and it helps to distinguish each one prior to signup. Here’s a brief guide on each of them:

Shared Hosting

  • Pretty straightforward hosting, you get a fixed/unlimited amount of space and it’s up to you how many domains you can fit into that space
  • Single access to the control panel which means it’s designated for only one user
  • You share resources with other people, usually a lot, on that server

Reseller Hosting

  • The one-up of shared hosting
  • With a reseller account, you pay for a fixed/unlimited amount of space and you can create several account instances under your main account for sale to others, hence the term “reseller”
  • You share resources with other people, usually a lot, on that server

VPS Hosting

  • Sometimes called semi-dedicated hosting
  • Dedicated server is partitioned virtually to make it seem as if you own a portion of it
  • Similar to reseller hosting in that you can create several accounts under you
  • Advanced users can enjoy things such as SSH and VNC access and controlling things via shell commands
  • You share resources with very few people

NameCheap is pretty well-known in the domain industry. It’s been in business since the year 2000 and has been thriving ever since. Unknown to many, they also offer a wide range of other services such as SSL certificates, WHOIS privacy, Onepager sites and more importantly, web hosting. They offer everything from shared hosting to dedicated servers and have solid testimonials to backup their offerings. If you’re interested in testing their service, grab one of these Namecheap hosting coupons now to save even more on the first month.


Valid from October 1-October 30 2014

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