PowWeb Web Hosting Review

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there and most of them basically offer the same kind of services. To make its self unique from each other, some companies would try to offer additional features, services and different cost. This is the case with PowWeb as well.

PowWeb was established in 1999 and has become the leading company when it comes to low cost web hosting capabilities. They especially accommodate the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. What sets PowWeb apart from other companies is that they build their own infrastructures and never outsource. They have their expert in-house programmers and developers ready to ensure top-notch customer service.

One Plan, One Price

PowWeb offers a unique type of hosting plan. They call it One Plan, One Price. This package offers the basic and some advanced features that web masters should have. You can begin using their One Plan, One Price feature starting at $3.88 per month.

Load-Balanced Hosting

Load-Balanced Hosting is a unique feature available to PowWeb. This technology will help ensure perfect uptime of your website even if PowWeb needs to perform repair or maintenance. Through Load-Balanced Hosting, your website will have multiple paths to take. This means that if one path is down, your website will still work because it can use other pathways.

Courteous technical support

In case you have a question or problem that needs to be addressed, you can easily contact their customer services. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Reach them via email and telephone.

Trustworthy company

The company has been a recipient of different awards throughout the years of their existence. These awards are proofs of their ability to provide high quality services. Some of the awards of PowWeb are the following:

  • Award Winner by ConsumerRanking.com
  • Top Pick and Editor’s Pick by Hosting-Review.com
  • Award Winner by Web-Hosting-Top.com
  • Award Winner by Web Host Directory
  • Top 25 web host by RateMyHost.com
  • Editor’s Choice by FindMyhost.com
  • Best Deal Winner by InstantHostingRebates.com
  • Top 5 Host Winner by HostReview.com

In addition to this award, you can trust the company because of their commitment to 24/7 monitoring of their facilities. They are able to pinpoint potential problems that will affect your server and will immediately do the necessary measures to address the issue before it can cause further problems.

PowWeb is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. This means that they’re committed in meeting or exceeding the standards of the BBB.

Fast networking capabilities

PowWeb is able to provide Internet connection at an incredible speed. They use the high speed OC12/48 connection to ensure that your website will load instantly without any hassle. They also collaborated with a tier 1 provider to ensure consistent high speed operation.

In-house equipment and proprietary software

The company only uses state-of-the-art hardware and innovative software. All of their servers, equipment and software are owned by the company. Their whole infrastructure is made with their own programmers and developers.

30-day money back guarantee

In case you’re not happy with their services, you can easily cancel your account and get your money back, provided that you do so within 30 days after your account was activated.

Online community

PowWeb runs an online community which allows clients to communicate with each other. It’s a great place for people to learn and share new ideas or simply just make new friends.

Network and Equipment

Like what was mentioned earlier, PowWeb uses powerful and advanced technology to support your website. Some of these network and equipment includes BGP4 Technology, Foundry Routers and Load Balancers, network appliance filers, and Dell performance.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • A lot of add-ons
  • Good customer support


  • Some features are misleading (unlimited disk space and bandwidth really has limit, 25GB and 7GB respectively)
  • MySQL is limited, thus not good for forum hosting
  • Uptime is not guaranteed
  • No free advertising credits


PowWeb is a good choice for people who would like the basic features of a hosting plan. They’re able to provide you workable solutions when you need minimum functionality. You will be able to just pay less than $4 every month for their services. All the features of the hosting plan they offer are fundamentally important. This means that you only pay for what you need.

Given that PowWeb only provides basic features, it lacks a lot of advanced capabilities. These include a script library, custom cron jobs, customizable error page, and file manager.

PowWeb creates its own cPanel software called Member Operations Center. They designed it themselves and include Main, Accounting, Packages, Personal, DomReg and History. Since the cPanel is something unique to them, you might have difficulty in using it within the first few weeks. It takes time for you to be familiar with their cPanel.

One thing that you might not like with PowWeb is that they only offer their toll-free telephone support during regular business hours. So in case you have an issue during weekends, you’ll not be able to reach them via phone. However, their chat and email are always available.

In general, PowWeb isn’t the right web hosting if you intend to use your website in a more advanced manner. However, beginners or basic users will be happy with the features that PowWeb is able to provide. PowWeb is very cost-effective and is perfect in running small scale website.

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