5 Web Hosting Alternatives To HostGator

With the surge in popularity of the internet and personal websites, almost everybody wants to have a web presence of his own.  Numerous individuals have set up their own blogs and websites for purely personal purposes.  But the exponential increase in websites and requirement for web presence has hit the world of business hardest.  While […]

Hostgator WebHosting Review

Review by Deepika Uppal from seekparents.com 1. What plan/package do you currently have? Business Package. With this package I get unlimited add on domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited databases 2. How long have you been with them? Since 2007 3. Can you rate each of the following (1-10) (with explanation): Support / Features / Uptime / […]

Bluehost vs Hostgator: Which is the best for WordPress?

Finding the best web hosting provider can be tough since there are hundreds of companies claiming to be the best. In this article, we compare two of the best industry: Bluehost and Hostgator. We aim that after reading this article, we can help you make the right decision in choosing the right web hosting provider […]